Digging in the dark * Metamorphosis Series

Figurative painting always shows itself to me in clearly defined boundaries, which become visible through the recognizable in the painting. In the absence of any figuration, I work in a kind of borderless color space. Working with the series Metamorphosis I am fascinated by the light that fights its way through the different shades of brown in the shimmering of the various magenta nuances. Metallic and iridescent pigments have always challenged and impressed me. They bring with them the momentum of movement, something that opposes the statics of a painting. Thus some of my works change their appearance through the movement of the viewer - surfaces change their color. This is something that cannot be conveyed in a photo, since it is equally static. These paintings therefore require a direct physical, sensual observation of the artwork in its room to experience this phenomenon. 

I am amazed by the chemical reactions that I can observe when the layers of color flow into each other. I try to immerse myself in this kind of laboratory and experimental work, in which the unexpected can always happen, even if it takes a lot of time due to trial and error. For me this is one of the biggest differences between figurative and color space painting. I try to create color spaces that make the immersion into light and darkness a sensual experience.

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6. Metamorphosis #2824, 24 x 30 cm, mixed media on canvas

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