I intuitively search for topics in which aspects of myself express themselves and show me who I am or want to be or a theme finds me. 

This became very clear to me with the example of the mother-child portraits. I began to devote myself to this topic even before I knew that I would have a child myself. I assign these pictures to the small group of works of the so-called “appearances”, because they appear and disappear like people in my life. This also resulted in paintings that I never finished - as if my reflection would evaporate as a result of the intensive examination of myself. When my daughter was born, the topic of motherhood became central - not only because I had now become a mother, but also because I became aware of the inner abysses that arose in me from the loss of my own mother.

1. 38 x 33 cm, mixed media on canvas

2. 240 x 200 cm, mixed media on canvas

3. 18 x 14 cm, mixed media on canvas panels

4. 100 x 80 cm, mixed media on canvas

5. 90 x 75 cm, mixed media on canvas

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